How does it work?

Using the same core technology as SmartMatch, SmartStream semantically profiles content from both media owners and brands to build a model of the significant concepts. These concepts are weighted and organised into content profiles providing the means for the SmartStream system to select the most relevant content from the advertiser to display as a native ad unit on any given article on the media owner’s website.


Native Ad placement

SmartStream ads are located in fixed units at the bottom of a publisher article, in the content stream. Positioned to be a useful next step for the user, they are labelled as 'Promoted By', so as to be clear to the user that the content is paid for by the brand.

Native design

SmartStream ads are designed in keeping with the site and are less visually branded than SmartMatch or SmartMobile. The unit size available on Reuters and is 600x147 but we are flexible to inject relevant branded content into any available native units on publisher sites.


Brand Protection & Privacy

Semantic Matching

Increased engagement



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