Using natural language processing, content from both media owners and brands is semantically profiled to build a model of the significant concepts within it. These concepts are weighted and organised into content profiles providing the means for the SmartMatch system to select the most relevant editorial or video content from the advertiser to display alongside any given article on the media owner’s website in real time.


Semantic matching technology

Matching is done using Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning and applies statistical theory to work on the premise that a document (article), comprises a limited number of topics that describe what it is about. We have trained the platform on over 2 million articles from a diverse range of sources to build a model of topics. That model is used to generate a detailed classification of a piece of content and this is used to calculate relationships between content and more importantly, the strength of those relationships.

Dynamic Ad creatives

When a match between Media Owner and Brand content is made, content is served dynamically into an ad creative, for maximum impact. With SmartMatch automatically selecting the best ad content and creative depending on the strength of the match. The majority of SmartMatch campaign creatives are housed in the standard half page MPU unit (300x600). We can, however, run creatives in any IAB standard ad sizes and have successfully run campaigns in Billboard (970x250) and Expandable (600x600) units.

Scrollable Units

Where clients do not have landing pages, but still have publicly available rich branded content, Smartology can house all of the creative in a unit on the publisher page within which the user can scroll to consume the content. Engagement is reported as a percentage of how far the user has scrolled within the unit to consume the client content. These units have seen record engagement of well in excess of 2% given that users realise they do not need to leave the publisher pages.


Brand Protection & Privacy

Semantic Matching

Increased engagement



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