The new platform simplifies the programmatic ecosystem, by fulfilling the role of the trading desk and demand side platform (DSP), and removing the need for a supply side platform (SSP). Smartology’s automated bidder buys only semantically relevant and brand-safe inventory, whilst ensuring the campaigns are delivered to advertiser set goals. SmartMatch increases transparency, reduces the tech tax burden, while dramatically increasing engagement rates for brands.



Smartology only runs campaigns on the worlds leading, premium publishers, including BBC Worldwide, Bloomberg, New York Times and the Wall Street Journal - this ensures that advertisers have complete control over where their ads are served at all times. Smartology is able to buy inventory made available on both AdX and Index Exchange Market places.

Simple process

Smartology offers a blended buying approach whereby an advertiser has full control over; which publishers to run across, the net budget spend, geo targeting parameters and the campaign flight dates. Smartology will execute this media buy on behalf of our advertisers, optimising to the best performing article inventory throughout the course of the campaign.


Increased publisher yield

Brand safety mechanism

Semantic Matching


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