Engagement and how Smartology can help


Catching the eye of today’s internet-goers is no easy feat. With the constant distractions, pop-ups and notifications that come with modern browsing, it has become trickier than ever to solidify your brand’s message in a convoluted marketplace.

5 ways Smartology helps to protect their clients


The world of online advertising has been the subject of plenty of discussion in the wake of recent scandals involving adverts for large businesses appearing alongside content of an extreme or offensive nature. Brand safety is at the core of what we do.

Tackling online Ad fraud


Online Ad Fraud has long been the elephant in the room for brands and website owners alike. With billions of ad spend being wasted each year on non-human traffic

Our view on Viewability


An ad served doesn’t necessarily equal an ad viewed, and advertisers and publishers are catching onto this as the industry shifts toward valuing viewable rather than served impressions. It makes sense – why would an advertiser want to pay for impressions that are never seen by real human users – let alone their target audience! In order to monitor this, Smartology…

John Pentin joins the Smartology Team


We are delighted to announce that John Pentin has joined the team in a newly-created role of VP Global Sales as we continue to expand. John has previously held senior sales roles at publishers including CNBC, Bloomberg and Newsweek.

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