LBS Case Study


The London Business School Case Study aims to provide a deeper insight into the unique approach taken and subsequent results that were achieved during this campaign.

Facing Up To Privacy


In the current climate, issues around privacy have gained more importance than ever before. The use of private data can, in certain circumstances, add value to an end user’s experience, however a number of recent events have cast a spotlight on privacy and how user-data is being used by a range of organisations.  

Asset Management Sector Content Review


This report investigates the content produced by Smartology’s Asset Management clients during the last 12 months and looks at the performance of the content, drawing out themes of what works and engages users.

The state of the digital advertising industry


Mark Bembridge summarises the issues faced in the digital advertising industry, with many of them coming into sharp focus in 2017. He proposes how the industry might move forward and how technology can help win back the trust of the consumer.

Smartology’s 10 point guide to GDPR


General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a new regulation that will be legally enforceable across all EU member states on 25th May 2018 and is created to replace the current directive to give protection to individuals on the processing of their personal data.

Why Context is Now King


It’s more than 20 years since Bill Gates, predicting an internet tidal wave of opportunity and a new dawn for how we live, work and play, stated: content is king!

Introduction to Engineering at Smartology


The engineering team at Smartology consists of software and systems engineers and the CTO, all based in Southwark in London. We are responsible for all back-end systems, including the machine learning algorithms used for content matching and brand safety, the real-time bidding systems for programmatic ad-serving, as well as the ad server itse

Going Programmatic on AWS


The Problem

When this project began Smartology was still operating a purely direct ad sales model, which meant we had a good idea of what traffic we would be serving and our servers only had to deal with semantic matching and rendering the creatives.

From Monolith to Serverless


Smartology is in the business of delivering brand safe, relevant adverts on some of the world’s largest publisher sites. In order to do this, it creates a semantic profile of both publisher and advertiser content then, when a ‘match’ is found, a relevant ad is inserted on the page.

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