The “do’s” of content marketing in a crisis


Thee world has changed. The challenge of maintaining customer trust in your brand has too. At Smartology we’ve been hearing brands ask:
Should I continue to advertise?
Can I talk to my audience about subjects other than COVID-19?
The answers are yes and yes, and here’s why…

Cleaning up Adtech


The UK’s online ad sector is worth over £13bn with digital ad spend accounting for the majority (57%) of all UK advertising. It’s the world’s third-largest digital ad market and Europe’s biggest with 19,000 people working in the sector…

Mishcon de Reya Case Study


Mishcon de Reya’s main aim for the ad campaign has been to amplify brand awareness. Mishcon de Reya’s SmartMatch ads have seen CTRs (click through rates) up to ten times higher than the industry average.

Government funds for tech start-ups


As the article “How does the government fund and support UK tech start ups” illustrates, there are several funding options for UK start ups. Nick Ismail demonstrates how start-ups can benefit from these by giving different CEO’s a platform to share their experience. One of them is the CEO of Smartology Mark Bembridge.

Expanding abroad


In the words of our CEO Mark Bembridge: “Taking the extra time to bring our business to the US has been a key game changer for our ability to scale”. We have worked hard in our London office to be able to expand internationally, building new and maintaining relationships with our American clients and contacts and understanding the different legal landscape. In February 2019, we were able to open our new office in New York City and recruit two senior digital advertising professionals.

Banking sector content review


This report investigates the content produced by Smartology’s Banking sector clients during 2017

The report looks at the performance of the content, drawing out themes of what works and engages users.

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