MarTech Series Interview Smartology COO, Gary Neal


Gary Neal, COO of Smartology, was covered by MarTech series in an interview on the 1st of October. Gary is an accomplished digital strategist and operations professional with over 15 years experience in online businesses.

The industry shift to programmatic has been instrumental with an excess of 80% of digital ads being served programmatically in the US in 2018. What is particularly interesting this year and important for digital commerce within programmatic is the significant move from trading in the open exchange to private marketplace deals which offer greater transparency. ExchangeWire reported earlier this year that ad spend for programmatic direct grew to match investment in real-time bidding (RTB) and in 2018 the buying method is on course to make up 52% of UK programmatic budgets — a 343% increase since 2015.

This suits us well at Smartology where we firmly believe in a transparent approach to spending media budget across quality brand safe publisher sites.

We are proud to have Gary as COO and are delighted to see this coverage in one of marketing-tech’s leading publishers.

Read the full interview here!


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