Mark Bembridge talks about Privacy and the Resurgence of Contextual Advertising


Smartology’s CEO, Mark Bembrdge, was featured in the Marketing Gazette.

Imagine a world where it’s considered ok for salespeople to follow customers out of a store and trail them from shop to shop, perhaps into a café and then from the mall to their home.

Then what if the sales rep continued popping up for the next month, asking about the dress the shopper had looked out. Pretty outrageous? However, that’s the status quo created by adtech online.

This is not normal. This is not good customer service or the best use of our brightest brains. It’s grubby, irritating and often fraudulent, with ad fraud estimated to cost US advertisers $7.2bn in 2017. This can be seen as brand demolition as opposed to brand building. Consumers have been growing increasingly uneasy with the current situation. As reported by the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ASCI’s), social media users are increasingly unhappy with their privacy protection and with the volume of advertising on social media sites.

The article titled, ‘Privacy is the New Norm looks at why contextual advertising is gaining public support and popularity again. 

Read the full coverage here.


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