The key to producing great branded content….in 5 steps


Our business is all about placing great content next to great content and encouraging maximum user engagement. We know a thing or two about what works for brands and how they should write to make sure their content hits the right note.

Working with clients across many different sectors, we see a range of content being produced under the ‘thought leadership / content marketing’ heading. Some of it works better than others – here is our list of what we know works:

1, Broad, high-quality content

Brands producing lots of high-quality content, on a range of themes, as you might expect, see much higher rates of engagement with their content.

A large content corpus will have a great chance of matching on an array of sections, across a diverse range of publications. If you have a body of interesting articles spanning topics from world politics to self-driving cars, you are likely to see some great matches with highly engaging articles on our partner publications.    

2, Write with style

If content appeals to a certain market, whether it be financial, technological, or educational, this can be contextually aligned with relevant articles from premium publishers, who specialise in this field. So it’s important to make sure the style of writing reflects and mirrors that of the publisher, to ensure the reader can seamlessly move from one piece of content to the next. The same goes for the imagery used with the content.

3, Mix editorial content with video

Engaging an audience isn’t always easy, especially with words alone. Video content can be an effective way of engaging users who might normally be oblivious to text-based advertising. By placing visually appealing video creatives next to relevant articles, the user is able to continue their exploration of a certain topic through your company’s video.

4, Appeal to a broad spectrum of users

The more diverse content produced by a brand, the more of a chance it has of creating great matches on highly viewed publisher articles. We find that clients who have spent time crafting an interesting body of articles, spanning a range of news-relevant topics, will create the most pleasing content-to-content matches.

5, Regularly update content

By keeping content relevant and in step with current affairs, brands can boost their chance of matching with breaking stories which, more often than not, are the most viewed articles on news websites. We have found that over the course of 2016, many of our clients picked politically relevant topics to write about, striking while the iron was hot to discuss issues such as Brexit and elections in the US and France.


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