Introducing Lauren Duggan, Sales Director at Smartology


Introducing Lauren Duggan,Sales Director at Smartology. A programmatic expert, skilled in the delivery of innovative & creative digital solutions.

What is your biggest achievement at Smartology

My biggest achievement at Smartology was probably working on the transformation project of shifting our direct business to our new programmatic offering back in 2018. I got to work with our amazing engineering team and premium publisher partners to develop and commercialise our cutting-edge contextual DSP to market . 

Lauren Duggan, Sales Director Smartology

What excites you the most about working for Smartology? 

How fast paced and agile the team is. For a small team, the speed and pace at which we can turn around both technnical and service capabilities is incredible. There is an attitude of never problems – only solutions. 

In your opinion, what is the best feature of the SmartMatch platform? 

The granularity of the matching capabilities for advertisers – and even more importantly what ‘not to match with’ is so powerful. For example, all advertisers are writing content relating to COVID-19 and the post pandemic world. SmartMatch has the unique ability to match content regarding subjects affected by COVID-19 such as ‘COVID-19 + US Bonds + implications for investors’,but protect against matching on editorial not deeply related or brand sensitive e.g ‘COVID-19 + hand-washing or ‘hospitalisation”. This is what makes the tool so valuable to advertisers – it is all about the context of the terms.


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