Expanding abroad


In the words of our CEO Mark Bembridge: “Taking the extra time to bring our business to the US has been a key game changer for our ability to scale”. We have worked hard in our London office to be able to expand internationally, building new and maintaining relationships with our American clients and contacts and understanding the different legal landscape. In February 2019, we were able to open our new office in New York City and recruit two senior digital advertising professionals.

How we did it

With still no deal in sight, Brexit is causing a major headache for small and medium-sized enterprises (SME’s) making those first steps towards international expansion. Even without the uncertainty in the near future, there are lots of questions to ask and difficult decisions to make. Whether looking for funding, managing payments or exchange rates or looking for advice regarding legal and ethical queries, we have sought out help from the government and London and Partners, who are part of the Mayor’s international business programme.

The Department for International Trade (DIT) is also providing guidance and support for British SME’s, which are looking to expand overseas and answering questions regarding Brexit. In 2018 Mark joined a DIT trade mission where he was able to get advice from business experts and built important relationships:

“In last year’s New York trip the DIT lined us up with some top contacts and they also arranged for us to speak to business experts about how to go about setting up an American company. If you find these guys yourself, you’re never too sure if you’re getting the best advice, but we knew we could trust the people we were supplied by the DIT.”

The business contacts we were introduced to by the government helped us to locate and concentrate on the important factors we had to work on. “Government networking events have put us in front of exactly the people we need to grow our user base internationally, Mark says”.

Smartology’s push into the US if already reaping rewards with 60% of revenues forecasted to come from the region in 2019.



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