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A look back at 2018

As we near the end of the year, it’s time to look back at what has happened in 2018, including those events that made the news and their impact on Smartology.
GDPR- what else?

Mark Bembridge talks about Privacy and the Resurgence of Contextual Advertising

Privacy and the resurgence of contextual advertising

Smartology’s CEO, Mark Bembrdge, was featured in the Marketing Gazette.

Imagine a world where it’s considered ok for salespeople to follow customers out of a store and trail them from shop to shop, perhaps into a café and then from the mall to their home.

Then what if the sales rep continued popping up for the next month, asking about the dress the shopper had looked out. Pretty outrageous? However, that’s the status quo created by adtech online.
This is not normal. This is not good customer service or the best use of our brightest brains. It’s grubby, irritating and often fraudulent, with ad fraud estimated to cost US advertisers $7.2bn in 2017. This can be seen as brand demolition as opposed to brand building.

MarTech Series Interview Smartology COO, Gary Neal

Martech platform SmartMatch

Gary Neal, COO of Smartology, was covered by MarTech series in an interview on the 1st of October. Gary is an accomplished digital strategist and operations professional with over 15 years experience in online businesses.

The industry shift to programmatic has been instrumental with an excess of 80% of digital ads being served programmatically in the US in 2018.

Tech tips for start-ups


Key advice – Don’t invest in technology too quickly and keep it simple – let it work for you, not drown you! Technology should be there to add value and help small businesses save time. In the early days, tying up limited staff in complex tech is not helpful.

Smartology and AppNexus


Smartology is pleased to announce an integration with AppNexus, which will enable it to buy inventory on a wider range of publishers.

Smartology’s 10 point guide to GDPR


General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a new regulation that will be legally enforceable across all EU member states on 25th May 2018 and is created to replace the current directive to give protection to individuals on the processing of their personal data.

Why Context is Now King

Expanding Abroad

It’s more than 20 years since Bill Gates, predicting an internet tidal wave of opportunity and a new dawn for how we live, work and play, stated: content is king!

Engagement and how Smartology can help

Privacy is the new norm and engaging content

Catching the eye of today’s internet-goers is no easy feat. With the constant distractions, pop-ups and notifications that come with modern browsing, it has become trickier than ever to solidify your brand’s message in a convoluted marketplace.