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The Resurgence of Contextual Advertising is Here and Now

The resurgence of contexctual advertising is here and now

Ever since the mid-nineties when Netscape launched an early version of its Mosaic browser incorporating the first ‘cookies’, tracking user behaviour online to the benefit of online advertisers has been a key principle…

Advertising during COVID-19: Should I or Shouldn’t I?

Introducing Lauren Duggan

2020 will be a year for the history books and one I’m sure we aren’t close to forgetting. There are currently over 2m confirmed cases of COVID-19 and over a third of the global population is subjected to some form of lockdown, at the time of writing this.

Cleaning up Adtech

The UK’s online ad sector is worth over £13bn with digital ad spend accounting for the majority (57%) of all UK advertising. It’s the world’s third-largest digital ad market and Europe’s biggest with 19,000 people working in the sector…

Government funds for tech start-ups

As the article “How does the government fund and support UK tech start ups” illustrates, there are several funding options for UK start ups. Nick Ismail demonstrates how start-ups can benefit from these by giving different CEO’s a platform to share their experience. One of them is the CEO of Smartology Mark Bembridge.

Expanding abroad

Expanding Abroad

In the words of our CEO Mark Bembridge: “Taking the extra time to bring our business to the US has been a key game changer for our ability to scale”. We have worked hard in our London office to be able to expand internationally, building new and maintaining relationships with our American clients and contacts and understanding the different legal landscape. In February 2019, we were able to open our new office in New York City and recruit two senior digital advertising professionals.

Privacy is the new norm

Smartology allows advertisers to make better use of their branded content, placing it in the world’s most premium media owners. Its advanced technology solves many of the key challenges the ad tech industry is grappling with including viewability, GDPR, privacy, brand protection, and click fraud.

Five tips for measuring the real value of publisher partnerships

According to a CMO Spend Survey by Gartner, marketing budgets are continuing to grow. However, the growth in spend comes with an increase in expectations. The report emphasises that it’s time for marketers to assume accountability for their spend and to equate this with a demonstrable impact on business growth.

Truth to Power, Ad Tech needs to stand up for journalism

Fake news and the press’ future are now at the top of the political agenda. To be slightly flippant, journalism must be truly in crisis when politicians acknowledge they need to support quality reporting to maintain democracy. Culture secretary Jeremy Wright has said he would not rule out a tech tax for Google and Facebook to fund public interest journalism.

Saving Journalism

There are no two ways about it. Journalism is under threat. A report commissioned by the UK government on sustainable high-quality journalism proves precisely that. There are a quarter fewer full-time journalists than a decade ago, and large swathes of the UK have no access to proper local news coverage. Seeing the spreading of fake news in the recent case of France’s Yellow Jackets protest movement or a misinformation…