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Using content to build engagement and consumer trust

We know brands are investing in content now more than ever.  As referenced in the Harvard Business Review article, “10 Truths About Marketing After the Pandemic”, marketers are having to  adapt their approaches to a new set of rules.  In a B2B and B2C context consumers now expect a more personalised, anticipatory, relevant experience.  This requires organisations to use more data, deep learning and AI to ensure the communications and advertising efforts are relevant and meaningful.

Understanding brand safety & brand suitability

In the face of this chaos, each individual advertiser needed to become shrewd about how to run campaigns suitable to its brand identity during a historic moment when a large amount of publisher content is focused on hard news such as…

Mark Bembridge talks to the Channel Report

Smartology’s very own CEO, Mark Bembridge shares his professional journey and how he has made Smartology the success it is today. He explains how Brands that produce the best content will drive the highest engagement when contextualizing their content in the right time and place. But today brands
need to stand behind great values as opposed to great products and this is already being demonstrated by clients increasingly focusing
their branded content around these key values.

Our top tips for branded content creation

Organisations are investing more in content marketing. Some outsource, some produce in-house, but either way promoted via the right channels, these content items can drive real engagement and impact. But, it goes without saying, that the content needs to be engaging. Here, we share our top tips for creating great content.

World Media Group Awards 2021

World Media Group announced the shortlist for the 2021 World Media Awards (WMAs), which showcase the best in international content-driven, cross border advertising.