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The “do’s” of content marketing in a crisis

Thee world has changed. The challenge of maintaining customer trust in your brand has too. At Smartology we’ve been hearing brands ask:
Should I continue to advertise?
Can I talk to my audience about subjects other than COVID-19?
The answers are yes and yes, and here’s why…

Government funds for tech start-ups

As the article “How does the government fund and support UK tech start ups” illustrates, there are several funding options for UK start ups. Nick Ismail demonstrates how start-ups can benefit from these by giving different CEO’s a platform to share their experience. One of them is the CEO of Smartology Mark Bembridge.

The Renaissance of Contextual Advertising

Imagine you are at a shop looking at a piece of clothing and decide not to purchase it and move on. Pretty normal right? Now imagine, the salesperson of that store decides to follow you out of the store for the next few days showing up everywhere asking about the item you were looking at. Sounds a little strange, doesn’t it?

The end of brand demolition

Brand demolition

Imagine a world where it’s considered ok for salespeople to follow customers out of a store and trail them from shop to shop, perhaps into a café and then from the mall to their home. Then what if the sales rep continued popping up for the next month, asking about the dress the shopper had looked out. Pretty outrageous? However, that’s the status quo created by adtech online.

Smartology in Cannes – Five Key Takeaways 2018

Festival of creativity

With major players from the advertising industry in attendance, be it from the publisher, agency, or client side, it was definitely the place to be seen, heard, and build great relationships.