Business School sector content review


This report investigates the content produced by Smartology’s Business school clients during the last 12 months.

The report looks at the performance of the content, drawing out themes of what works and engages users.

Highlights include:
  • Overall topic performance – what Business schools are writing about to engage with users
  • What content is aligned with content produced by premium publishers

This research is exclusive to Smartology and has been put together using campaigns from 3 of UK’s top business schools. More than 500 pieces of content items were used in the campaign and later analysed on performance by the Smartology team to produce this research paper.

Top Performing Topics: 
  • Brexit
  • Technology
  • Innovation

At Smartology, we have found that very often topics that perform well are different to the most popularly generated topics by advertisers. This conclusion was true for business school as well. Please download the research in order to access full information, including click through rates and more granular information on digital advertising for business school using contextual matching.


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