A look back at 2018



As we near the end of the year, it’s time to look back at what has happened in 2018, including those events that made the news and their impact on Smartology.

GDPR- what else?

A review of the year wouldn’t be complete without some sort of recognition of the impact of GDPR. The months leading up to its adoption saw a scramble from companies large and small to ensure they were compliant and ready for the legislations introduction. From a Smartology perspective we spent time ensuring that our internal processes for how we store our own personal information was correct. We also made contingency plans, ready if there were issues with bidding on an exchange or publisher for any reason. In fact we didn’t see any negative impact. Due to the fact our technology works without the need to use cookies means we are able to operate without the need for user data – so many of the restrictions associated with GDPR do not apply to us.

Since May and a large part of the summer, most of the talk regarding the legislation has died down. But with many companies relying on legitimate interests for collection and processing of user data, the full implications probably haven’t yet been felt and until the first legal judgements are made, it will remain open to interpretation as to where the lines are.

AI and ML

2018 has really been the year that the advertising sector has fully adopted Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning as a way of increasing efficiencies and creating better products. Examples, include AI being used by brands to deliver personalised marketing messages at scale. Smartology, an early adopter of Machine Learning for our Natural Language Processing, has continued to develop Machine Learning to power SmartMatch, enhancing the system to make the very best matches between pieces of content and apply optimal bidding strategies.

Cambridge Analytica

Facebook seems to have rolled from one issue to another in 2018, with the fall out from the Cambridge Analytica disaster still being felt by the social networking giant. More recently privacy concerns have risen again, with an investigation by the NYTimes showing Facebook has given access to a whole range of personal data to their key clients. On the whole, when compared to previous years, 2018 has seen relatively few scandals hit the industry. Whereas previous years have seen ad fraud, brand safety, ad blocking and fake news all explode. While many of these issues have not gone away completely, the industry is now working collectively to fight some of the largest problems. Ads.txt, which has been adopted by Smartology to ensure that we only buy inventory from the trusted source, is an example of the industry working together to find a solution to an issue. This cooperation is set to continue to address some of the larger issues within the industry.

So we look forward to 2019 with much anticipation of how Smartology can help its clients amplify their key content and marketing messages.



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