5 ways Smartology helps to protect their clients


The world of online advertising has been the subject of plenty of discussion in the wake of recent scandals involving adverts for large businesses appearing alongside content of an extreme or offensive nature. Brand safety is at the core of what we do.

Following on from this news, issues regarding online brand image and brand safety have been widely discussed, as large businesses and organisations look at ways to present their brand in the most appropriate way.  

Smartology has created a platform for companies to match their advertising to relevant content and articles, ensuring that their adverts not only avoid being served on pages which may be deemed controversial or inappropriate, but are also matched semantically to content that is highly appropriate and likely to draw the eye of the consumer.

Smartology has achieved this level of client protection in the field of brand safety in many ways, here are five of them:

Brand safety through client-specific exclusion lists:

Smartology has created a number of exclusion lists, which are a compiled set of topics to be avoided in the article to advert matching process. This ensures that client adverts are not shown on pages that are inappropriate, avoiding matches that are potentially harmful to a client’s brand. This exclusion list can be tailored to the client’s needs as they can additionally add any company or individual names they wish to avoid their content being matched with.

Know where your ads will appear:

Smartology only works with the world’s most reputable publishers such as The Financial Times, The Economist, Bloomberg, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, guaranteeing that the online presence of the client is perpetuated in a well-known, worldwide, and well-respected media sector.

Semantic profiling:

Smartology has developed its own system of semantic matching: using natural language processing, profiling millions of articles in the process. It has created an intelligent and robust system that allows for article content to be profiled instantly. The weighting of these profiles enables the system to find the very best match of brand content with publisher content. Once a match is found, a dynamic creative is then injected into the Ad position.

A technology that continues to learn:

The Smartology system is continually updated with new articles and content to add to the technology’s knowledge, allowing it to remain up to date and attune to the ever-changing world of online news. Regular updates help to ‘train’ the system to ensure that it continues to exclude articles accurately, meaning it will not exclude appropriate articles, or permit inappropriate articles.

Around the clock client services:

A knowledgeable and experienced team of dedicated account managers ensure that client campaigns run effectively. They are on-hand to manage and change client’s content, exclusion lists and creatives, whenever required.



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