On Thursday June 7th, the Smartology team attended ‘Breakfast Briefing – The Value of Trust’ hosted by the World Media Group in Bloomberg’s beautiful new offices in London.

The event constituted of two panel discussions with which brought together 10 of the industry’s leaders, including Mark Bembridge, Smartology’s CEO.

The first session, entitled ‘Building the Media Agency of the Future’, was chaired by Arif Durrani, Executive Editor EMEA at Bloomberg Media Group and involved Alistair MacCallum, CEO of M/Six, Anna Hickey, COO of Wavemaker UK, Tom Denford, CEO of ID Comms, and Iain Jacob, outgoing CEO of Publicis Media.

The second session, entitled ‘Post-GDPR: How Trustworthy is Your Data?’, was chaired by Daniel Wong Chi Man and brought together Debrah Harding, Managing Director of Market Research Society, Praish Nadu, founder of Rezonence, Christos Sarros, Director of Sales at Moat, and Mark Bembridge, CEO of Smartology.

5 key takeaways from both panels:

1. The lack of Trust and Transparency within the media ecosystem is no longer sustainable for the industry, and there must be change. One way to promote this growth of trust and transparency will be to start from the bottom-up, suggested MacCallum. Agency leaders must be responsible for cultivating an open, innovative, and, more importantly, collaborative culture within their own organisations for this to truly take hold throughout the industry. Sort of like a grassroots effort.

2. Nobody at this point in time fully understands the scope of GDPR’s impact on the advertising industry, let alone society. A major point of discussion in the second panel was that we are still very much in the post-GDPR teething period for all actors in the media supply chain, especially in terms of programmatic buying and GDPR-compliance.

3. Regarding industry standard metrics, and to quote from Bob Dylan: the times they are a-changing! Industry standard metrics are being questioned more and more, and some brands/agencies have even started introducing their own standard metrics to analyse campaign performances. Once again, this all leads back to trust and transparency within the ecosystem.

4. The phrase of the day, making a glorious comeback it appears, was without a shadow of a doubt: Context is king, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. To us, this notion is obvious – it’s practically our company ethos! It seems the big dogs are finally realising that cookie-free contextual targeting can be done and more importantly, thanks to GDPR, should be done.

5. Everyone is sick of hearing about GDPR


Author: Raina Roberts, Sales Executive





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