Our CEO Mark recently joined a discussion panel here in London at the Quality Financial Media seminar.  He was joined by Rob Avis, Ptarmigan Media and Mathew Greenlay, Aberdeen Asset Management, in order to discuss the future of AI and to ultimately answer the all important question of; “Whether marketing departments, media agencies and sales departments of publishers will exist in the future or if AI will take over their roles?”

Luckily, the answer to that question was a resounding no from all panelists, however they were in agreement  that companies need to become digitally savvy across entire organisations. There shouldn’t just be one individual digital specialist, but rather everyone, especially within marketing, should embrace digital and its functionalities.

Companies are hiring people with new skill sets into their organisation. Across the industry the traditional digital marketing bible of pushing two or three key themes and objectives has gone out of the window. Instead companies are in favour of having an always-on strategy with their latest thought leadership and branded content demonstrating key value.

Nevertheless, the panelists agree that the industry will continue to embrace direct buying, especially in B2B, for a while. Niche trade publishers normally tend to sell out their inventory and there is no need to fix something which isn’t broken. Furthermore, there will always be a role of quality, premium publishers in the media mix. Programmatic is growing at a rapid rate at the expense of direct selling. But buying programmatically at a premium B2B level generally still requires media planning and is still an IO based business.

“I know that we are all thinking that we are moving into this magically automated world, but that’s not yet the case.” said Mark Bembridge.


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Lauren Duggan, UK Sales



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