This week we are excited to announce we are live with our first German language campaigns, working with three new publishers; Reuters.de, W&V and Lead Digital. This marks a key milestone in our international expansion plans and aim to offer Smartology’s contextual matching technology in many languages across the globe.


Comments from the Publishers

Susanne Tacke, Head of Sales at W&V says: “The SmartMatch platform will allow our advertisers to reach their target audience with relevant and brand-safe content.  Because it is based on real-time activity it clearly adds to the reader’s experience.  As a result, brands get more visibility for their advertising spend, while we are able to maximise the value of our editorial content.”

Our international clients are increasingly planning campaigns across many countries and languages as they access both domestic and international audiences with their key messages.

Jeff Perkins, Commercial Director EMEA at Reuters, comments: “Smartology’s advanced technology, combined with its focus on customer need, has helped us to deliver consistently high returns for our commercial partners’ English language international campaigns.  The new German SmartMatch offering will enable us to provide the same level of support in this market, which will benefit all parties. Reuters look forward to working with Smartology as it continues to launch in new languages.”



Our German operations will be handled by Dörte Sältz, who previously held digital sales positions at BBC Worldwide, Business Week and the Financial Times. “Our global expansion continues with these exciting new German domestic publishers and allows us to offer our clients a new market for us to match content with content in a new language for the first time – It helps our goal of being able to offer our clients access to key users in any country

“As the largest market in mainland Europe, Germany is an exciting prospect,” explains our CEO Mark Bembridge. “Launching SmartMatch and SmartMobile in a new language for the first time is a milestone for the company, but one that is supported by existing clients as well as new prospects.  It’s also a key stepping stone as we look to expand into other languages and markets.”


The future

Behind the scenes, launching a German language offering has been a challenging technical and translation project, but one which paves the way and perfectly positions us to now expand into many foreign languages as we look to expand around the globe



Gary Neal




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