Smartology at Cannes Lions


Last week we were in Cannes for the annual Lions event – where the great and good of the creative, advertising and communications industries gather to network and discuss the major trends currently impacting their companies.

How to take back Facebook and Google spend


Much has been written about Facebook and Google’s duopoly over the advertising industry. It’s time for a safer, quality and future-ready alternative. In this article, Campaign profiles Smartology and how we are helping to fight back with our semantic contextual platform, SmartMatch. You can read the full article on Campaign.

Discussing brand safety with The Drum


Mark, our CEO & Founder of Smartology, featured in the Drum this week. He was discussing the hot topic of brand safety and how companies can curb ad misplacement by having total control and transparency in how their budget is spent. You can read the full article on the Drum.  

Our view on Viewability


An ad served doesn’t necessarily equal an ad viewed, and advertisers and publishers are catching onto this as the industry shifts toward valuing viewable rather than served impressions. It makes sense – why would an advertiser want to pay for impressions that are never seen by real human users – let alone their target audience! In order to monitor this, Smartology…

Will AI take over your job?


Our CEO Mark recently joined a discussion panel here in London at the Quality Financial Media seminar. He was joined by Rob Avis, Ptarmigan Media and Mathew Greenlay, Aberdeen Asset Management, in order to discuss the future of AI and to ultimately answer the all important question of; “Whether marketing departments, media agencies and sales departments of publishers…

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