Smartology at DMEXCO


DMEXCO is Europe’s largest digital marketing conference, allowing guests the chance to experience new, disruptive trends and the latest business opportunities in the digital marketplace.

Our view on privacy


The privacy issue: With the recent ransomware attacks on computers across the world, leaving individuals and institutions as large as the NHS with compromised data, the issue of privacy on the internet has been brought to the forefront of business discussions.

Team Smartology charity bike ride


Team Smartology are pleased to report back from their epic charity bike ride from Paris to London….   Six of the Smartology team took part in the 2017 Guts in Motion bike ride, helping to raise money to fund research and find a cure for Crohn’s disease and Colitis.

Smartology at Cannes Lions


Last week we were in Cannes for the annual Lions event – where the great and good of the creative, advertising and communications industries gather to network and discuss the major trends currently impacting their companies.

How to take back Facebook and Google spend


Much has been written about Facebook and Google’s duopoly over the advertising industry. It’s time for a safer, quality and future-ready alternative. In this article, Campaign profiles Smartology and how we are helping to fight back with our semantic contextual platform, SmartMatch. You can read the full article on Campaign.

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