The end of brand demolition


Gary Neal, Chief Operating Officer, Smartology ggg Imagine a world where it’s considered ok for salespeople to follow customers out of a store and trail them from shop to shop, perhaps into a café and then from the mall to their home. Then what if the sales rep continued popping up for the next month,… Read more »

Tech tips for start-ups


Comments from Mark Bembridge, CEO and founder, Smartology gg Key advice “Don’t invest in technology too quickly and keep it simple – let it work for you, not drown you!” “Technology should be there to add value and help small businesses save time. In the early days, tying up limited staff in complex tech is… Read more »

Takeaways from Dmexco 2018


It’s the week post-DMEXCO and the Smartologists are back in London. Tired yet energised still by the buzz that fuelled two full days of productive meetings, fascinating discussions, multiple debate and showcase stages, a start-up village, tv-set interviews, and so much more. Though far from complete, here are few key topics and takeaways from DMEXCO… Read more »

Smartology and The SMX


Smartology and SMX Working Together Smartology are delighted to announce a new partnership with the Singapore Media Exchange (SMX). This will bring quality publishers to clients in the APAC region, helping expand their global reach.  

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