Smartology’s US Managing Director, Gordon Kerr, was feature in Martech Advisor this week.

The article titled, ‘The renaissance of Contextual Advertising looks at why contextual advertising is making a come back and why it is bigger, better and more important than ever before.


From the journalist: 

Consumers are tired of their data being disrespected and legislators have responded with privacy laws such as the California Privacy Law and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Marketers are nothing if not resourceful and have returned to their toolbox once more. CMOs are seeking tech innovations which can deliver highballs to consumers. Something that’s being looked at afresh is contextual advertising, where relevant ad experiences are delivered in real time to people depending on what they’re focusing. Here we look at how to best use contextual adtech, from Gordon Kerr, MD US of Smartology.


Read the full article here. 






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