Catching the eye of today’s internet-goers is no easy feat. With the constant distractions, pop-ups and notifications that come with modern browsing, it has become trickier than ever to solidify your brand’s message in a convoluted marketplace.


Historically low engagement

Static adverts which use the same message emblazoned on a web page may be eye-catching at first, but after browsing for a while and seeing the same advert appearing again and again, the effectiveness of the campaign will start to wane as the advert becomes part of the online ‘furniture’.

Real engagement is now coming in the form of brands creating content and thought leadership married with well-designed creatives. Typical banner adverts, which are often just used to reinforce a brand name, commonly have no obvious relevance to the page they appear on and serve merely to proliferate a company’s name in the market rather than giving any deeper indication of what they do.


Engaging content

However, it is possible to create a user-journey that flows seamlessly, using interactive, engaging content which links closely to the subject matter on the page a user is viewing, allowing them to continue their exploration of something they are likely to genuinely be interested in.

Smartology has developed technology that semantically profiles publisher and client webpages so that accurate article to article matches can be made, and meaningful experiences can follow.


Proven results

The campaigns which run on Smartology have proven results which show just how effective piquing a user’s interest in a topic at just the right time can be for engagement rates. Smartology often sees industry-leading engagement rates, many campaigns boasting click-through rates in excess of 0.30%, outperforming typical publisher CTRs many times over.

Clients can help Smartology increase engagement rates while campaigns are still in progress. By keeping their articles varied in topic, and regularly updated, clients can ensure that their content continues to adapt to the ever-changing nature of news. Smartology’s technology is able to dynamically change the creative to incorporate new content, while serving the creatives on both direct and programmatic platforms. It has been found that there is a clear correlation between the number of content items a client has running, the more likely they are to have a better CTR%.


Independent verification

Smartology works closely with MOAT, a company designed to track all aspects of user engagement, to give a detailed breakdown of various engagement measurements, allowing clients to track all manner of engagement metrics such as hover rates, attention quality, and universal interaction rates. For example, MOAT benchmarks show that sites typically have a universal interaction rate of 3.2% whereas Smartology campaigns analysed by MOAT boast an average rate of 4.8%.

As the attention span of the average user grows ever shorter, and the window of opportunity to draw in the reader lessens, content which invites someone to explore a topic and engage with it, ultimately strengthens brand association and client acquisition.




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