Mark Bembridge, CEO & Founder of Smartology, featured in Marketing Tech Week this week discussing how contextualisation is key when it comes to overcoming the adblocking problem.

With the number of people choosing to block ads on their screens growing at an astonishing rate due to ads being  intrusive, and not relevant, he states that “Perhaps we have brought this on ourselves, with too many, poorly-targeted, irrelevant and unimaginative ads?”

However, goes on to say that he believes the situation can be turned round.  We take the approach that there is such a thing as good advertising; branded content that informs the reader and enhances their online experience.

“As audiences become increasingly frustrated with the one-size-fits-all approach to advertising it puts content where it counts.

For example, instead of being interrupted with an ad such as a full-screen takeover that is unrelated to the content they had selected to view, someone reading an article on Japanese bonds would also see on the right-hand side of their screen a piece of branded thought-leadership material on the same topic. 

This differs hugely from the standard approach because the advertising content is based on users’ real-time online activity rather than their previous behaviour or profiles based on third-party data.”

Read the full article here


Lauren Duggan, UK Sales



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