“Digital adverts are very good at reminding us what we have been interested in.  They are much less adept at knowing when we will be at our most receptive to seeing them. So a business user opening their laptop at work in the morning, to catch up on news in a financial publication might see ads for holiday cottages and car rentals, based on their holiday research the previous evening.

At best these ads are seen as annoying and irrelevant, but ignored.  However, there is a risk that they damage the brands of both the advertiser and the publisher because they are intrusive.  Worse still, they may be blocked altogether.

Imagine instead if the ads served related directly to the content being viewed?  Once at work the person booking the holiday the night before would see branded thought-leadership material based on the article they were reading there and then; the Chinese economy or the US commodity market, for example.  In other words, the branded content shown is based on their real-time activity rather than their previous online behaviour, or profiles built using third party data.”

This in Mark’s eyes is the game-changer when it comes to the new world of contextual advertising!  Rather than take evasive action, the reader is likely to perceive the advertising content as relevant and informative, something that adds value to the editorial they have selected to read – resulting in engagement metrics far surpassing those for campaigns using more traditional methods of audience and behavioural targeting.

This is extremely valuable to advertisers as they see significant increase in ROI for the quality branded content they are producing!

Finally Mark goes on to conclude with ; “the reader is happy because they no longer have to fend off unwanted ads, the brand advertiser can run more effective and efficient campaigns, and the publisher can charge a premium for their inventory.”

In other words, a win-win for users, advertisers and publishers!

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Lauren Duggan, UK Sales




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