As audiences turn away from traditional one-size-fits-all banner advertising, brands are focusing on creating valuable thought leadership content in order to deliver compelling and engaging campaigns. In an environment where the volume of content is continually expanding, relevancy is vital if advertisers wish to optimise the reach of their content library and maximise the performance of their digital marketing strategies.

Without relevancy, even the highest quality content can slip under the radar, fail to engage its target audience and fall short of its full potential. Using cutting-edge semantic contextualisation technology, the SmartMatch™ advertising platform addresses this problem. The SmartMatch platform integrates with a media owner’s ad serving platform and, using natural language processing and ontology driven algorithms, SmartMatch semantically profiles content from both the media owner and the advertiser and builds a model of the significant concepts within it.

smartmatch fig1

Figure 1. The SmartMatch advertising platform integrates into the ad serving ecosystem.

These concepts are weighted and organised into content profiles providing the means for the SmartMatch system to select the most relevant content from the advertiser, be it editorial or video, to display alongside any given article on the media owner’s website in real time. The advertiser’s material is served in a branded ad creative for maximum brand impact and transparency.

A key differentiator of SmartMatch is bespoke brand protection. Built into the matching technology is a blacklisting mechanism that allows advertisers to select specific concepts, topics and news stories alongside which they do not want their branded content to appear. Each blacklist can be specifically tailored according to an advertisers requirements and allows brands the control to protect their brand identity.

Adverts powered by SmartMatch are platform independent and work across all browsers so they will appear on desktop, tablet and mobile devices. In a world where an increasing number of people are spending the majority of their time online whilst on the move, or multi-screening, this can be a critical factor in optimising the success of a campaign.

smartmatch fig2

Figure 2. The platform integrates with both the advertiser and publisher’s content to provide the semantic profiling of content.

To ensure effective and powerful matches, the SmartMatch algorithm depends upon accurate yet broad descriptions of the concepts to in order to create contextual matches. This is achieved through two components of the SmartMatch system: the Ontology and the Semantic Profiling Engine.

The ontology is in actuality a number of distinct Ontologies describing specific domains; Sport, Finance and People are but a few examples of these domains. Externally these are seen and treated as one federated ontology. 

The Semantic Profiling Engine performs both simple and advanced word group extraction as well as disambiguation, concept mapping and concept weighting. The weighting algorithm is adaptive and learns over time to ensure that all matches are made with a high level of precision.

Smartology’s Ontology, profiling and matching technologies are at the core of the SmartMatch platform and these elements are continuously reviewed and developed. The evolution of these technologies is imperative to ensuring that SmartMatch continues to be an innovative and cutting-edge semantic solution.

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