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SmartMatch serves semantically relevant content in branded ad creatives across Smartology’s portfolio of global media owner partners whilst providing smart content governance and bespoke brand protection.


SmartMatch provides a key distribution channel for global brands to disseminate their content across global publisher sites according to relevancy.

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Media Owners

Using cutting-edge semantic profiling technology, the SmartMatch solution streamlines editorial and advertisement content to achieve record engagement.

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Media Owners running SmartMatch

Thanks to the work of the team at Smartology, Mishcon de Reya is able to target its thought leadership content alongside relevant publisher articles. We are delighted with the engagement results and look forward to continuing our successful partnership throughout 2014!

Mishcon de Reya

The London Business School SmartMatch campaign has enabled us to target our thought leadership content to exactly the right audience alongside semantically relevant articles on FT.com. We are able to continue to add fresh content throughout the duration of the campaign, which means we can optimise the performance of our entire content portfolio on a continual basis. We have seen record engagement results as a result and the Smartology team have provided a highly professional service at all times over the 2 years we have been working together.

London Business School

Smartology has over 30 global brands as clients


Focusing on the rapid growth in content marketing, Smartology's advertising platform, SmartMatch, breaks new ground by offering global advertisers the opportunity to house their content within branded and native ad units. The content is semantically profiled and the ad units are then dynamically served alongside relevant premium media owners’ articles. This has resulted in record engagement and click through rates for branded editorial, white papers and video content across all measurable metrics.

Bespoke Brand Protection

A key differentiator of Smartology is bespoke brand protection. Built into the matching technology is a blacklisting mechanism that allows advertisers to select specific concepts, topics and news stories alongside which they do not want their branded content to appear. Each blacklist can be specifically tailored according to an advertisers requirements and allows brands the control to protect their brand identity.


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